Welcome to the world of Designs by LolaBelle!

I learned the art of making jewelry from my amazing and talented Mom! While I was visiting her a few years ago, she suggested jewelry making as something new to do on a rainy afternoon. Having never considered myself very creative in the past, I was not so sure about trying my hand at this new craft. At the time, I was still working full time as a registered nurse, and I functioned in a very clinical, left side of the brain world.

Much to my surprise, I caught on to the basic skills quickly, and found I did possess a creative side after all. Evidently, the attention to detail, which nursing demanded, served me well in learning the fine skills of making jewelry.

Over the next couple of years, we would make a few pieces of jewelry together when I was visiting, which I always enjoyed. I found handcrafting jewelry to be stress relieving and therapeutic, and my creative side began to awaken. I found myself being inspired to make a new necklace or bracelet on different occasions. I also realized I could make my own lovely jewelry at a fraction of the cost of what retail stores were selling mass produced products.

Several times my Mom and husband suggested I open an Etsy shop and sell my jewelry online, but I did not pursue it. Finally, after a lengthy visit, during which I had time to practice my skills, and after my receiving several compliments from people, I began to reconsider opening an Etsy shop. After discussing my ideas with my husband and family and receiving nothing but positive feedback, my decision was made. In 2014, one day before my birthday, I officially opened Designs by LolaBelle.

I can honestly say, this journey has been a freeing, wonderful, challenging, and educational experience all at once. Growing my business is a work in progress and it must be nurtured everyday. I perform every task from, ordering supplies, shipping orders, design of new pieces, looking for upcoming local vendor opportunities, communicating with clients, to marketing the business on social media.

Becoming my own boss is both amazing and overwhelming, and throughout the last 18 months I have discovered an entirely different side of myself, I would not have known existed, had I not taken a risk and opened my own business. It is truly gratifying to do what I enjoy on a full time basis, and it has never once felt like, "just a job." I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I love everyday.

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